Miles Burke
The Story Behind 6Q
Miles Burke, Founder

What inspired 6Q?

I’ve been asking my team face to face for the last few years, 5 or 6 questions, in order to improve our company culture, and keep a handle on team sentiment. This has really worked well for myself and the team, so it seemed natural to take this and build an app around the concept.

How did you get started?

We literally built the MVP in a day last year. I briefed my team of 12 people at lunchtime and that night, we debriefed over pizza and beer. Since then, we’ve been chipping away at it, and currently have 100 organisations from 25 countries using it in a private trial. We’ll be going live in the next few days, which is both exciting and scary.

Top Tip

Focus on building a product you would use (and love) yourself.

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About 6Q

Meaningful employee feedback in under six minutes