Chris Toy
The Story Behind Bindle
Chris Toy, Founder

What inspired Bindle?

Just seeing how much innovation was happening around enterprise team communication and nothing being done to address consumer group communication. even though the problems are very similar. In such a connected world where everyone “knows’ hundreds if not thousands of people online, it’s so crazy that most people are just group texting when that medium shows strain so quickly. As soon as groups on text or other messaging apps get big the users either get inundated with messages, mute them and miss stuff, or wish they could bail. Just mention the idea of a giant group message or email chain to someone and they will recoil – that doesn’t sound like product-market fit and it’s a real shame because we constantly seek out group interaction in real life.

How did you get started?

I built a user flow in a PowerPoint deck and showed people. When that got a good response, I built a working prototype using a free tool and showed people. After tweaking that, I launched an MVP live in the app store to test with users pretty quickly. These days you can pretty much validate your product vision with a free prototyping tool, and better yet even mock advanced features that would take you 6 months to actually build and see if people get “wowed”.

Top Tip

Trust your gut but relentlessly try to prove yourself wrong. If your instinct holds up to your own scrutiny, then you should feel confident you’re onto something that should be market tested. It’s surprising how many people don’t check themselves first.

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About Bindle

Group chat the way it should be.


  • Ashley Read

    Thanks for sharing your story, Chris. Love how lean you started with the PowerPoint deck and mock ups. Which prototyping software did you use to create the first mock up of Bindle? And what did you find was the “wow” moment when showing the concept to people?

  • Chris Toy

    Thanks Ash! For the prototyping I used Justinmind ( which was great. “Wow” moment was the realization from users that some pretty obvious stuff they’d expect in all other apps (@ mentions, for example) was just completely absent from messaging apps, and those are meant to be for communication! The Wow was users having the same epiphany we did when we got started.