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The Story Behind Crew
Mikael Cho, Co-founder

What inspired Crew?

Most of our founding team used to work as independent designers and developers. Some of us spent time at agencies. From our time, we experienced many issues in how things are traditionally done in that world. Lack of transparency in budgeting and work quality, the potential for legal and communication issues, work load feast or famine, and burn out. With Crew, we wanted to fix these things so people who want good work can easily find and work with professionals who know how to deliver.

How did you get started?

Although we had a designer and a developer on our founding team, we built nothing at the beginning. Everything was manual.

We used a Mailchimp email newsletter, a Wufoo sign up form, and different Gmail accounts to manage projects. Within a few weeks, over $20,000 in project work was being submitted on our site. We were accepting $2,000 credit card transactions through a basic form that was setup without writing a line of code.

Eventually, we layered technology on top of this, but we’ve often found it’s best to build something in a somewhat manual way first. Then, once you’ve hit your limit on what you can handle manually, you layer technology on top of it. This way, if you’re short on cash or time, you waste nothing.

Top Tip

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Work with the best designers and developers without breaking the bank.