John O'Nolan
The Story Behind Ghost
John O’Nolan, Founder

What inspired Ghost?

After years of building blog with WordPress, I was frustrated with how the platform was evolving into a large CMS and losing focus on its blogging roots. Having worked as the deputy-head of design for WordPress, I could see there was a clear gap in the publishing market which didn’t have anybody trying to fill it. Initially it was just a pipe-dream of an idea, but after I wrote up a post about it on my personal blog the response was so overwhelming that I decided to make it a real thing.

How did you get started?

Following the initial blog post I set to work with my good friend (and later co-founder) Hannah Wolfe to build a v0.1 prototype.

Once we’d hammered that out, we took the idea to Kickstarter to see if the response would be as enthusiastic when we were asking people for money to actually build it. We hit our initial goal in 11 hours and went on to raise $300,000 over the course of a 29 day crowdfunding campaign. So the answer was a resounding “yes please”.

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About Ghost

Ghost is a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your stories with the world.