Harrison Young
The Story Behind LeanNews
Harrison Young, Co-Anchor

What inspired LeanNews?

My co-anchor, Ed, and I have always read through Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Tech-Meme, Hacker News, Etc. to keep up to date on all things startup. It got tiring to say the least. So much information, so many sources, so damn unnecessary. So we took what we liked from each source and stitched together a newsletter with the most important Startup News from the day before. The idea… Read less, learn more.

How did you get started?

To get it started was actually pretty simple. We launched the MVP after meeting in a coffee shop and discussing the most important topics for the newsletter. Once we hammered them down we sent out an invite to our networks and built the newsletter by skimming every tech startup blog and news site known to man. It took less than a week to launch.

Top Tip

Just launch it. Figure out the single feature that matters and put it out there. Once you get it live, the real fun begins.

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