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The Story Behind Liberio
Cat Noone, Co-founder

What inspired Liberio?

Funny enough, Nicolas (CEO of Liberio) comes from a publishing family. They owned a publishing house that operated for quite a long time. Because of that, he had a chance to experience the traditional side to publishing first hand. From there, he knew the future was in self-publishing and bringing that ability to everyone—for free. When I met Nicolas and we discussed the idea he had in mind, I knew right then it was a product that needed to exist. I have always believed it should be free for everyone should have the ability to share their thoughts and ideas. From there, we solidified our ideas and got started.

How did you get started?

For about 3 months after getting started, Nicolas and I worked on designing and developing the MVP that would launch into private beta the first week of 2014. We stayed in Private Beta for about 7 months to validate our idea, reach out to the self-publishing community, receive feedback and iterate, and ensure the platform was as stable as possible. After those 7 months, as the platform continued to rapidly grow, we knew it was time to launch to the public.

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About Liberio

No more complicated exports or data handling with ePub files. Create your own eBooks for free with only one click right from the cloud or your computer.