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The Story Behind Paddle
Fabio Virgi, Content & Biz Dev

What inspired Paddle?

Our founder, Christian Owens, initially set out to create a digital marketplace for apps, games and other digital products. Using our own checkout platform and developer tools we successfully helped hundreds of developers to promote their apps & games through bundles and other promotions, but it got to a point where these developers were more interested in Paddle’s checkout & tools than the exposure itself! That was the “aha!” moment when we understood the real value Paddle was providing, so out focus ever since has been on providing developers with a toolkit that makes it incredibly simple to sell their apps & games.

We essentially provide tools that handle all the boring stuff like payments, trial versions, in-app analytics, customer support and international taxes — allowing developers to focus on building awesome products.

How did you get started?

In the early days of Paddle, the teenage Christian was mainly organising bundles and promotions from his bedroom, which usually involve bundling 10-20 apps or games and selling them all for a discounted price — something that’s still very popular today. That experience and the connections he built within the developer community allowed Christian to identify what developers’ real pain points were, and then build tools that solve them.

Top Tip

You hear it a lot from startups but one thing’s for sure, there’s no easy or simple road to success. You have to put in the work — especially early on — to speak with your customers, learning how they’re using your product, experimenting with your marketing to find out what’s working and what isn’t, and just keep adapting.

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About Paddle

Paddle’s checkout & tools take away the boring aspects of selling apps, games and other digital products.