Michael Selepec
The Story Behind Pick
Michael Selepec, Co-founder

What inspired Pick?

My cofounder, Ryan, and I were tired of all the back and forth with emails, texts, Facebook messages, etc… of trying to find a mutual time to meet with contacts.

The light really turned on when I received an email from a Recruiter that listed out a dozen or so time blocks of when they were available for a call (Our company at the time, Yammer, had recently been acquired by Microsoft and Recruiters had been reaching out to us often).

This seemed like such a waste of time I realized right then that this was a huge problem not just for me, but for so many others in the world and that the inefficiencies with scheduling finally needed to be addressed. So we set out to fix our own problem and build Pick.

How did you get started?

We looked at other scheduling products and saw so many holes in them and started designing Pick based on filling in those holes with the idea of keeping it as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Existing scheduling solutions and calendars are such a cumbersome experience and this is exactly what we wanted to stay away from. We then assembled a team and started building Pick. In parallel, we did a lot of customer development and interviewed hundreds of people.

We wanted to get a better understanding of how others were scheduling meetings and managing their calendars. What they used for scheduling? What they liked with calendars? What they didn’t like with calendars? Our goal was to surface more of the inefficiencies with scheduling and use this feedback to further help develop Pick.

It then took us 6 months to build Pick and once built we launched our MVP.

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About Pick

Pick is a desktop and iOS app that aims to help you find time a good meeting time for a group of people.