Pieter Walraven
The Story Behind Pie
Pieter Walraven, Co-founder

What inspired Pie?

In our previous jobs my co-founder, Thijs, and I were forced to use Lotus Notes. Often times we’d see entire teams secretly switching to WhatsApp instead. Interestingly people realized that this was not ideal. It‘s like using Hotmail for work. Problem is that other than a list of tools geared at software developers there’s no chat for work offerings that provide the same level of simplicity, reliability, and speed as a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It’s this insight that made us decide to build Pie, work chat with the same simplicity and broad appeal as the best consumer chat apps.

How did you get started?

Thijs and I built the initial prototype together with some friends in Singapore. From day one we’ve been running around on-boarding users to collect feedback. After a few iterations we got together a small list of angel investors to help us grow the team and move into our own office.

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About Pie

Pie makes work better. Chat with your coworkers on phones, tablets and desktops — your coworkers will love chatting on Pie.