Alex Gilmore
The Story Behind Ruzzit
Alex Gilmore, Co-founder

What inspired Ruzzit?

Ruzzit started off back in late 2014 when co-founders Anselme and Alex were trying to find content that had been shared the most on social media. Of course, websites like reddit or digg were good sources to find content but all of these were going viral within the communities and did not include many top stories, from other websites. This is when Anseleme thought of the idea and created Ruzzit – a site to find the most shared content on the web. In the long run it was exciting to think that it would be possible what was shared the most in the world within the past 10 minutes- for example a) what the top articles were immediately after a political debate, b) the most shared videos after a natural disaster or c) a feed of images all relating a specific keyword or hashtag in the past 3 hours. The possibility of having everything in one single place in one site were mind-blowing.

How did you get started?

Once the idea had been formed the collaboration started with Alex in order to bring the UX and UI up a level. This was going to be vital if people were going to use this site on a regular basis. A new landing page was designed to guide each user to understand what content they wanted to find. This allowed Ruzzit to be upgraded to BETA and to launch in private with fellow product hunt users (once we were approved as ‘makers’ on the community website. Ultimately the objective was to get quality feedback and start to understand what users would use and interact with the website we had created.

Top Tip

Be honest.

The long term consequences of not saying the truth from the very start can be so problematic.

Just because the word ‘transparent’ seems to be the buzz word for many entrepreneurs, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it… or at least, apply what it means – it will help in the long run even if it can be tempting to distort the truth to your favour.

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Founders: Alex Gilmore,Anselme Trochu,Jonathan Amsellem

About Ruzzit

RuzzIt will help you find time specific viral content from all over the internet within videos, images and blog articles.