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The Story Behind ShutterSpots
Andrew Yates, Founder

What inspired ShutterSpots?

I have always been interested in photography and each time we go on retreats at Buffer I look into the best places to shoot nearby. So an idea around “Yelp for Photo spots” was born. I have always used small side projects to learn more about iOS and so ShutterSpots was a great project to dive into Swift.

How did you get started?

I was building an app called Alpenglow, which wasn’t completed but I started ShutterSpots using that code base. Alpenglow was an idea I had around getting alerts about good sunrises/sunsets based on other users ratings an hour or so ahead. I then started building out a ShutterSpots MVP, which is what hit the App store. I already had an icon designed way before completion, which was great motivation to get it out.

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Founders: Andrew Yates

About ShutterSpots

Find stunning locations nearby and all over the world! This easy to use app allows you to find new spots and add your favorite spots to share with the entire community.