Sean Miller
The Story Behind Simplifyd
Sean Miller, Co-founder

What inspired Simplifyd?

The admin part of running a business always demands the most attention and at the worse times.

When I was a Freelancer I never got my invoices in on time, which meant I never got paid on time – you can see where I’m going with this… Late rent, missed bills and lost opportunities to bill the people I was working with. Despite the fact I was earning good money, I wasn’t being paid what I was worth and I wasn’t managing my life / business well enough.

When setting up our Creative Agency I decided to centralise everything and went about sourcing products to help us. Soon I had out goings of $400 – $500 a month, spread across a range of different services; Basecamp, Freshbooks, Wunderlist, Evernote etc.

Crazy, when you look at the accounts at the end of the month.

I decided the opportunity was too great to be missed and set about developing a simple yet a smart solution that centralised all of the actions we were needed on a day to day basis. I wanted it all in one easy to use platform for a single cost. You will always need other products, but with the business frame work taken care of, I could pick and choose the niche products I wanted to plug into. E.g Xero.

How did you get started?

First thing we did was build a landing page using WordPress to gather emails addresses. Then we built a simple contact management app with Ruby on Rails which we kept adding functions to. We had a small pool of six people who agreed to test very early versions.

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Founders: Sean Miller, James Willard

About Simplifyd

Simplifyd supports individuals and small teams to better manage their communications, their finances and the relationships that matter most to their business.


  • Sean Miller

    Great idea for a blog Ash ! I look forward to seeing all the companies posted over the coming weeks & months.

    • Ashley Read

      Thanks so much for submitting your story, Sean :)