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Jeff Morris Jr
The Story Behind Startup Adoption Agency
Jeff Morris Jr., Founder

What inspired Startup Adoption Agency?

I start projects to put ideas out in the world, but I do not always want them to be my full time job. In the past year, I’ve created 4 startups and have tested dozens of potential ideas. I created Startup Adoption Agency to let other entrepreneurs run with my ideas. I know that other entrepreneurs have the same philosophy about their projects and the initial response has been incredible.

How did you get started?

I built Startup Adoption Agency in 6 hours. I emailed my designer and engineer friends and asked them to put their side projects on the site. We launched with 6 startups that were “available for adoption” and the site blew up on Product Hunt.

Top Tip

Build something quickly and release it as soon as possible. Do not worry if your first product has flaws. It’s more important to get a reaction and see how people use your product.

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About Startup Adoption Agency

Startup Adoption Agency is a place for entrepreneurs to adopt startups looking for a new home.