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The Story Behind Tapstream
Slaven Radic, Co-founder

What inspired Tapstream?

For us, it all started with a need – we needed a way to market and track installs for our own iPhone and iPad apps. We quickly realized we’d have to build something in-house to enable us to effectively market our apps and soon that in-house prototype outgrew the apps themselves. Within 6 months we launched the first iteration of Tapstream.

How did you get started?

We bootstrapped the first year, building the apps first then pivoting into working on the analytics back-end. Having our own apps to test out our budding platform was extremely helpful: we could continue marketing the apps and measure how accurate was the tracking, was data actionable for our marketing team and how well it would scale once we launched.

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About Tapstream

Tapstream provides free mobile install tracking for hundreds of mobile ad networks,
mobile web, and social, helping you find your most valuable users.