Giancarlo Massaro
The Story Behind Viralsweep
Giancarlo Massaro, Co-founder

What inspired Viralsweep?

I was manually building giveaways for brands from 2009-2012, and decided to create a DIY service that would allow them to do what I was already doing for them.

How did you get started?

We launched our MVP back in August 2012, and had a few customers from my previous business sign on board to test the platform. Many of them loved the ability to setup and run their own promotions and have a central location to collect all their data, but it was very bare-bones in the beginning and we priced the product too high ($99/mo). We eventually dropped the price, built out the platform and raised prices later on.

Top Tip

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About Viralsweep

Grow your email list, increase social engagement, and generate sales by running sweepstakes.